GPC 2015 Award Winners

Honor Award

Downtown River Greenway Improvements | Sioux Falls, SD
Designed by Confluence | Sioux Falls, SD
(Design Built Category)

Project Purpose:

In 2006, the landscape architect developed a detailed Master Plan for permitting of improvements. The Master Plan has been updated to respond to and coordinate with recent building development adjacent to the riverfront along the corridor, and as funding in the capital improvements budget becomes available for future phases. When fully complete, Downtown Greenway improvements will extend north from Falls Park to the south end at Fawick Park.

Merit Awards

Assurity Life Corporate Campus | Lincoln, NE
Designed by The Clark Enersen Partners | Lincoln, NE
(Design Built Category)

Project Purpose:

A number of site features have been designed to enhance storm water management on the site in an integrated sustainable approach including bioretention cells, pervious pavements, urban forest, green roofs, educational signage, and native plants. The landscape concept consists of three separate zones – Community, Front Door, and Core. Each zone is planted with native and naturalized species that have been selected for low maintenance.

Elmwood Park Stormwater Diversion | Omaha, NE
Designed by Big Muddy Workshop, Inc. | Omaha, NE
(Design Built Category)

Project Purpose:

The Aksarben Village CSO project watershed covers 169 acres. The Elmwood Diversion sub-watershed conveys stormwater from 29 acres of residential property through a park ravine to Elmwood Creek. Stormwater from the rest of the watershed is conveyed by a new storm drain system to Papillion Creek. Because of the stormwater diversion project, a smaller-sized pipe system was made possible, which ended up reducing the overall project cost by $500,000.

Gateway to the Wild | Omaha, NE
Designed by HDR, Inc. | Omaha, NE
(Design Built Category)

Project Purpose:

In 2009 under new leadership, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium set forth the goal of enhancing guest experience through a total renovation of both the pedestrian and vehicular arrival, opening the doors to the Gateway to the Wild. The project consisted of a series of phases including: a total overhaul of existing vehicular circulation, drop-off and parking, the redevelopment of an entry plaza and internal plazas, and the architectural designs of a new entrance gate, visitor’s center, gift shop and ticket office.

West 7th St. Streetscape | Sioux City, IA
Designed by RDG Planning & Design | Omaha, NE
(Design Unbuilt Category)

Project Purpose:

Improvements were made to an unwelcoming four lane street that was absent of street trees and landscaping. Sidewalks were widened five feet and bump outs with landscaping and stormwater planters were added at the intersections. These allowed for safer pedestrian crossing. New fencing and landscaping was added to screen industrial lots. The history of the district was incorporated into an artistic gateway feature. Lighting, a community gathering space and a community garden was also proposed.

The Elkhorn Ridge at Frawley Ranch | Spearfish, SD
Designed by Wyss Associates, Inc. | Rapid City, SD
(Planning & Analysis Category)

Project Purpose:

  • To transform the 4,500 acre historic ranch, on the brink of being divided up and sold into parcels, into a sustainable and diverse mixed-use endeavor.
  • New commercial buildings on the property are sited and designed to reflect the ranch character with consistent use of orientation, color, forms and materials.
  • Clustered mixed-use development is located at previously impacted areas of the historic ranch.
  • The network of open spaces includes interconnecting trails, a championship gold course, access to historic structures and the conservation easement zone.

Hawkridge Park Master Plan | Raymore, MO
Designed by The Clark Enersen Partners of Lincoln, NE
(Planning and Analysis Category)

 Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project was to prepare a Master Plan for Hawk Ridge Park, which could be implemented over a period of time. The process involved the formation of a Steering Committee composed of Park Board members, community representatives and the Raymore Parks and Recereation Director. The Master Plan focuses on three major “developable zones,” identified outside of riparian areas. A greenway connection was developed through the park, and a lookout tower, trails and two pedestiran bridges were added. A main goal was also to preserve the condition of Johnston Lake.

Green Roof Research Program at UNL | Lincoln, NE
Designed by Richard K. Sutton, PhD (Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, and Landscape Architecture) | Lincoln, NE
(Research Category)

Project Purpose: 

Conduct a series of research experiments on Green Roofs at Pioneers Park Nature Center, Arbor Day Foundation, Sandhills Publishing LEED Gold Building, and the Larson Building in Lincoln, NE. The studies involved landscape architecture students in practice-based research. Experiments and observations were made on substrate, biomass, plant selection, seeding vs. planting, and various seeding methods.

Thompson Creek Watershed Outreach | La Vista, NE
Designed by RDG Planning & Design | Omaha, NE
(Communication Category)

Project Purpose: 

The proposed creek restoration plan relocated the centerline of the creek and meandered its path to keep the velocity of water as slow as possible. It also widened the banks and provided constructed wetlands to treat the stormwater pipe outlets. The restoration plan was a major step for the health of the watershed, however both federal granting agencies and the City of La Vista wanted the community to be involved as the source of the water was coming from what is largely single-family residences.  As a result, a series of brochures and city-funded home implementation programs that incentivized stormwater reduction for home owners was introduced. A series of demonstration projects was also created.

2015 Ruban Conference – GPC ASLA Awards Booklet